QRS®vitalization and health-set

With the QRS® 101 Home System-set the user receives a modern QRS® control device including two QRS®-resonance field beams, also called applicators.

The one applicator is a 1.70 m long high quality mat; the other is a pillow for local body treatment.

The system is expandable with other applicators for targeted QRS® application. The whole set has a place in a QRS® traveling bag.


the Key-lock principle
The “key-lock principle” is
the bioelectric QRS® master-key to the cell membrane.

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The Quantron-Resonance-System is based on scientifically substantiated and secured knowledge.

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eQ-Chipcard -
electronic prescription

For QRS® – No person is like another, every person has their own finger print.

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Device-layout &

it is quite simple:
default programs, 3 step process, easy keypad-Layout.

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Technical data and warranty
detailed overview : dimensions, weight, features, informations, accessoires, warranty.

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The Key-lock principle

When hormones cause muscle growth, there is no effort behind it, but a simple and ingenious principle of nature:

hormones function exclusively as signaling substances, which transport messages.

But the cell will accept the message only if the “feelers” of the hormone fit perfectly into the docking station of a cell, the cell “receptors”. This mechanism is called the “key-lock principle”.

In the meantime science has found out: a cell not only transforms the “secret codes” of the hormones into a biologic language but also turns on special “electromagnetic receptors”, which react by means of quantum resonance fields.

Quantum fields have the particular characteristic that they gently pass through the body without resistance, in contrast to light, sound and electric frequencies, which are already absorbed in the upper skin layers.

QRS® has imitated this principle of nature in an ingenious way. QRS® latches into the receptor as a frequency message, a code. Then in the body’s own biologic language the messages: “cell work, cell produce energy, cell clean up – are received by the cell this effectively!”

What would scientists give to get this active principle also in the form of a drug?

Picture: Die einzigartige QRS® E-Funktionsamplitude.

Picture: Imitated, nver duplicated: QRS® has the key to the cell..

The “key-lock principle” is
the bioelectric QRS®-master-key to the cell membrane.
“QRS® works by stimulating
Enzymes, Rhythms, and promotes the formation of Hormones.”
Dr. E. G. Fischer Basis of the Quantum therapy
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The QRS®-Patents and the differentiation

The Quantum Resonance System is based on scientifically substan-tiated and secured knowledge. The Quantum-Resonance-field is based on a digitally generated vibration field, which is not comparable to other conventional competing systems.

The internationally patented functionality of the QRS® resonance-field is not a guarded secret, but was disclosed for numerous scientific studies. The QRS® 101 Home System is a qualified medical device.

Picture: QRS® Is supported by a well-founded own scientific elaborations, literature, publications and studies, and is not comparable with other systems.

QRS® is internationally
patented, certified, awarded and also licensed as a medical device all over Europe and in many other countries.

“QRS® shall be used for keeping healthy the cosmonauts and is ready for the manned flight to Mars.”
Prof. Dr. med. V. M. Baranov, medical director of the space research center in Moscow.
EP 0594 655 B1
Device for the transport of ions, especially protons.
PCT-WO 93/00960

EP 0621 795 B1
Facility for the influence of electric and magnetic fields with low frequency.
PCT-WO 94/11062

EP 0729 318 B1
Facility to determine the effects of pulsating magnetic fields on an organism.
PCT-WO 95/10228
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eQ-Chipcard - the electronic Quantum-prescription

QRS® – for everyone the correct choice: Relax, Basis, Vital or Custom. No person is like another. Every person has their own finger print. For QRS® the person is in the center with all of its individual features.

The default QRS® programs Relax, Basis and Vital make the comfortable application of the QRS® Home System possible.

The system can also be used individually.

With the possibility of the chip card operation, a QRS® doctor or QRS® therapist can make an exact electronic prescription, the eQ-prescription (electronic Quantum therapy prescription) and save it on the QRS® chip card.

By the coupling of the QRS® Home System and the QRS® doctor’s equipment, the system functions as an optimally coordinated QRS® therapy device. For every member of the family individualized therapy is possible. This means that only one QRS® system is necessary for the whole family. Everyone can have their own personalized therapy with the QRS® chip card.

QRS® – No person is like
another, every person has
their own finger print.
the eQ-prescription (electronic Quantum therapy prescription) provides customed user-specific treatment programs.

Picture: Default programs for a comfortable application or individual settings using the QRS® chip card.
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Homesystem device-Layout & applications

  Picture: it ´s quite simple! Switch on, select and start! An easy usage with preset programs. The last used settings are stored on the unit for the next usage.

Every day a bit of QRS®:
8 minutes twice a day, can improve your life, your vitality and your health.

On a healthy person, a QRS® application session has a long term healing action lasting up to eight hours . To reach an optimal level of health, continuous daily application
of the Quantum Resonance System is recommended.

The QRS® application duration is normally eight minutes twice a day. A QRS® application session has a long term healing action lasting up to eight hours on a healthy person. The treatment has a very gentle effect. Depending on the physical condition, in most cases an improvement of the metabolism and the general regeneration of cells appears even after only a few days. To reach an optimal level of health, continuous daily application of the Quantum Resonance System is recommended.

The recommendations for the intensity level and the application duration are based on a vast number of clinical cases and double blind studies, which have taken place under medical and scientific supervision.

A detailed recommendation for the application and the settings is enclosed to the QRS®-set.

Picture: Detailed setting indications, with tips and recommendations about QRS® can be supplied on request.

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Technical data and Warranty

  dimensions and weight  
QRS® 101 control unit 92 mm x 190 mm x 215 mm
QRS® whole body applicator 1780 mm x 650 mm x 15 mm
QRS® Local applicator 540 mm x 335 mm x 15 mm
QRS® carrier bag 690 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm
entire weight ca. 3,5 Kg
Timer setting 2 Timer (individually adjustable)
Display backlight on/off
Standard-Programs Relax, Basis or Vital
Standard-Intensities Sensitiv, Medium or Intensiv
Individuall up to 25 settings
Standard-application duration 8, 16 or 24 Minutes
Individuall from 1 to 60 Min.
Technical data  
Output signal Max. 3V, 170 mA, 40 micro Tesla
MDD device klass IIa
Main voltage frequency 115/230V, 50/60 Hz
Power supply 7 W
Operation temperature +10°C up to +40°C
Package contents  
QRS® 101 control device  
QRS® whole body applicator  
QRS® Local applicator  
QRS® carrier bag  
power supply cable  
QRS® user manual (Multi-languages)
Optional accessoires  
QRS® indications of use 22 pages booklet
QRS® warranty upgrade from 5 years (Basic) to 10 years
QRS® specs applicator Anti aging of eyes area
QRS® pen applicator localized application
QRS® headset applicator Tinnitus Intensive treatment
QRS® eQ-Chipcard for custmed therapy
Basis of the Quantum therapy (german) Dr. G. Fischer, Book, 596 pages
The basic warranty is 5 years on all electronic parts.
The basic warranty can be extended to 10 years, for an extra charge when purchasing a new system.

QRS® 101 Home System
The whole Set

QRS® 101 Control Unit

QRS® Whole Body Applicator

QRS® Local Applicator

QRS® Specs Applicator

QRS® Pen Applicator

QRS® Headset Applicator

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