The American Space Shuttle Departing from the MIR Space Station after a Routine Visit


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From the MIR Space Station to the MARS Space Program, from the NBA to the Olympics, from the Vatican Hospital to the most prestigious Medical Clinics and International Antiageing Spas, the famous Quantron Resonance System is the premier pulsed electromagnetic field system of choice, preferred by more Astronauts, Professional Athletes, Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Health Spas over any other system.

When it comes to SPACE TRAVEL, it was the QRS System that was chosen for the MIR Space Station to protect the Astronauts from decreasing bone density and circulatory problems encountered in a weightless state.

With the QRS, Astronauts benefit from improved circulation, increased oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metablolism, and an overall increase in energy. "SPACE OSTEOPOROSIS" is also prevented and reversed.

The MARS Space Program has also chosen the QRS to protect the health of Astronauts traveling to the Red planet.

"In order to maintain good health, our astronauts need to use the QRS on their flight to Mars!"

Professor Dr. of Medicine, V. M. Baranov,
Medical Director at EUROSPACE in Moscow

In the Professional SPORTS World, more top professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympics, and the Tour de France use the QRS over any other brand.

"When it comes to tissue healing and recovery, I have seen a 50% to 70% reduction in healing time and more for an assortment of soft tissue and groin injuries and all sorts of orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries. I have seen wound healing at an incredible rate...75% quicker healing than just the normal standard protocol stuff."

"I think the QRS is a great adjunct to supplements. I give players certain supplements and what I am seeing is a greater response to them. I am seeing colds, flus, and just overall body things respond a whole lot quicker. The QRS is not just a get rid of the pain device. It is a BODY MAGNIFIER. It gets the body going into its normal healing state and helps the body find more of an equilibrium."

Arnie Kander
Strength and Conditioning Coach for Professional Athletes

Our competitive advantage is no secret! The famous e-Function QRS Signal produces Superior Results - FASTER & MORE SAFELY - than our Competition! Over 20 years of clinical RESEARCH from the top Universities in Europe and the United States resulting in Three International Patents prove the QRS has No Serious Challenger!

Imitated - NEVER Duplicated - QRS was the FIRST and remains the MOST EFFECTIVE System available! Why Settle for Less?

RESEARCH Proven SUPERIORITY! - QRS - Just Ask the Experts!
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